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How to copy data in Google Sheets as HTML table

I often need to extract some sample data in Google Sheets and present it in my blog as an HTML table. However, when copying a selected range in Google Sheets and paste it outside the Google Sheets, I only get plain text. In this post, I explain how to copy data in Google Sheets as an HTML table by writing a small Apps Script program. Concept Implementation Source Code Demo HTML table code HTML table visualization Getting Started Conclusion Concept On a spreadsheet, users select a range that they want to copy as HTML table. With the selected range, users trigger a command Copy AS HTML table . The command can be added to the toolbar, or to the contextual menu, or accessed via a keyboard shortcut. The command is executed to transform the selected range into HTML code for table. The HTML code can be added to the clipboard or can be displayed somewhere so users can copy it manually. The HTML table must consist of all displayed cells of the selected range and the widths