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How to convert column index into letters with Google Sheets

In Google Sheets, rows are indexed numerically, starting from 1, but columns are indexed alphabetically, starting from A. Hence, it is pretty straightforward to work with rows and trickier to work with columns as we need to convert between column index and corresponding letters. For example, what are the letters of column 999th in Google Sheets? In this post, we will look at how to convert a column index into its corresponding letters by using the built-in functions of Google Sheets. What are letters of the column 999th in a spreadsheet? Unfortunately, Google Sheets does not provide a ready-to-use function that takes a column index as an input and returns corresponding letters as output. However, there is a little trick of combining other available built-in functions to do the task. In Google Sheets, there is the ADDRESS function that returns the cell reference, according to the specified row index (first parameter) and column index (second parameter) in the input. For example,