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Compute cost basis of stocks with FIFO method in Google Sheets

After selling a portion of my holdings in a stock, the cost basis for the remain shares of that stock in my portfolio is not simply the sum of all transactions. When selling, I need to decide which shares I want to sell. One of the most common accounting methods is FIFO (first in, first out), meaning that the shares I bought earliest will be the shares I sell first. As you might already know, I use Google Sheets extensively to manage my stock portfolio investment, but, at the moment of writing this post, I find that Google Sheets does not provide a built-in formula for FIFO. Luckily, with lots of effort, I succeeded in building my own FIFO solution in Google Sheets, and I want to share it on this blog. In this post, I explain how to implement FIFO method in Google Sheets to compute cost basis in stocks investing. FIFO example How to do FIFO in Google Sheets How to use FIFO formula in Google Sheets Simple usage Use FIFO with QUERY formula Demo Conclusion FIFO exampl